CC Hair Extensions

Estensioni CC capelli

Tonight I want to talk about a subject that has always interested me very much, I'll talk about extensions ....
Wandering on the web I came across a site, its name is CC Hair Extensions, which sells all kinds of extensions made with real hair 100% and with very competitive prices that vary depending on the length that you want to give to the hair .. .

100 real hair extensions

On the site you can find lots of colors, here are some examples:
18 pollici nero naturale (# 1B) Luce Yaki clip in estensioni dei capelli 160g 20 inch Golden Blonde(#16) Clip in Hair Extensions 120g

18 inch 4/27 Clip in Hair Extensions 120g 18 inch Dark Auburn (#33) Clip in Hair Extensions 120g

24 inch Dark Brown(#2) Clip in Hair Extensions 120g  18 inch Golden Brown(#12) Clip in Hair Extensions 140g

24 inch Jet Black(#1) Clip in Hair Extensions 140g 22 inch Strawberry Blonde(#27) Clip in Hair Extensions 140g

..and models

In addition they are also very simple to apply:

Surely those would be perfect for me to light brown color

16 inch Golden Brown (#12)Indian Remy Tape Hair Extensions 20PCS
really wonderful

I was very fascinated by this site and the breadth of models available, there really are spoiled for choice, for sure nobody will resist ....

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